More good news!

While I’m still struggling with some major issues, I’m choosing to focus on the good things that are occurring. As of now, my neurologist has given me the green light to begin exercising. His words were, “Stop before the headaches start.” Easy enough, right? Well, since my headaches are 24/7, I guess I stop before … More More good news!

Injury update!

Good news and bad news. I’m not crazy, but I’m even more injured than I thought! Haha. Let’s start with the concussion. My GP signed another 30 days off work. By that time it will be be May 23, 2017. I was injured on Jan.3, 2017. That’s almost 5 months off work. My neurologist won’t … More Injury update!

Squat Chains

I’m starting to get really excited! The purchases keep coming. Yesterday I bought squat chains. What are squat chains? They are chains that attached to the barbell, that’s it! What do they do? They add a form of resistance that’s fun to use! When you’ve  reached the full depth of the squat, you’re at the weakest … More Squat Chains