More good news!

While I’m still struggling with some major issues, I’m choosing to focus on the good things that are occurring.

As of now, my neurologist has given me the green light to begin exercising. His words were, “Stop before the headaches start.” Easy enough, right? Well, since my headaches are 24/7, I guess I stop before they get worse. That’s also tricky though, as headaches (at least for me) tend to creep up on you. The difficulty lies then, in trying to figure out what caused the headache to get worse.

Either way: I get to work out! ***smile***

I’ve chosen to do all training, for the foreseeable future, with sub-maximal percentages. This will allow me to do a few things:

  1. Ease back into training, not over taxing my brain.
  2. Train safer, enabling me to train for many more years to come.
  3. Reduce the risk of any new injuries.
  4. Allow me to build muscle, as opposed to just strength

While I’m very excited about training again, I now realize how much strength I’ve lost. Hopefully it won’t take too long to regain that. On the other hand, as I just stated, I won’t be attempting any 1 RM for a while. I plan on testing once every 4-5 months, in order to update my percentages.

If you’ve been following me and read any of my other posts, you know that my ultimate goal is to enter a power lifting competition. My goal isn’t to set any records, as I know they are entirely out of my grasp, but simply to have fun.

I’m also hoping that the remainder of my gym equipment comes soon. The brand I ordered, B.O.S., was out of stock until the end of May, so I’m hoping within the next week or two it should be filled.

In other news, I finally got the phone call from the concussion clinic. My first assessment is June 6, 2017. They’ve booked me in with a physiotherapist and a kinesiologist. Since I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist for almost 3 years, I’m interested to see what their take on my injuries will be. Also, I’ve never seen a kinesiologist before, so that should be interesting.

Since my body already functions fairly well, physically, I’m curious what kind of treatment they’ll have for me. The most obvious symptom I’m struggling with are headaches, so where the physiotherapist and a kinesiologist fit in should be interesting.

*All photos are screenshots from my instagram*

As always, if you have any questions or comments, don’t be shy! 🙂

-Mr Average


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