The no idea what to call this blog.

Progress is happening! I’ve made several purchases in the last few weeks, with the most recent being my home gym! 🙂

I can’t even being to explain how giddy I was during the un-boxing! It made the selling off of everything worth it. So let me explain just how amazing this rack is.

It’s approx. 7 ft tall, it fits into any room. Safety spotter straps rated to 3,000 lbs, much better than safety pins. Pins are loud when the bar is dropped on them and they aren’t as forgiving on your bar. Laser cut pin holes. Fat/skinny multi-grip pull up bar. Dip bars, 8 band pegs, 4 J-cups and a stability bar are also included. Extra close safety holes, 35 mm apart (similar to west side spacing, but better – in my opinion). These are all standard features for this rack, BUT extra cost with almost any other brand.


It’s also approx. 45″ wide inside the rack, making it easy for wide stance squats or sumo dead lifts.

This rack is rated to 990 lbs, which means the safety spotter straps are way overkill! Awesome.

I absolutely love the band pegs, they offer a completely different style of training which is perfect for breaking the routine.

*I may be partial, but I love the look of the rack on my platform*

As you can see the photo, not everything is there. I’m missing the bench still and several bars. I’ll also be ordering bumper plates soon, so that I can take full advantage of training in the sun this summer. The remainder of the equipment will arrive in May, I’m so excited!

I’m sure I’ll adding small items here and there until I finally find my perfect fit. I bought a white board to write my workouts for the week, constantly checking my phone is really annoying, and time consuming. The only regret is not buying a larger white board. I bought 11″ x 14″, and while I was holding in the store, it almost felt big. I should have gone for something much bigger, next time.

I’m also on the hunt for some really awesome posters to hang on my walls. If you know of anywhere (Canada) that sells great posters, leave a comment below!

*Sorry for the lousy panorama photo, I obviously don’t know how to work my camera very well*

– Mr Average


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