Home gym: Fitness mats!


I’ve now purchased the mats I’ll be using! These are 3/4″ thick horse stall mats, each measuring 6’x4′. Obviously an 8’x4′ would have been much easier, but I wasn’t able to locate that size, ANYWHERE! Haha.

Since my platform will be 8’x8′ (with a 4’x’8 piece of plywood down the centre), I needed the mats in 8’x2′ lengths. That left me with a 4’x4′ piece, which I think is a good thing (I’ll get to that later).

Watching all sorts of YouTube videos on how people dealt with their rubbers (:p), I figured this would be fairly difficult, or more appropriately, labour intensive. It wasn’t.

I snapped a chalk line down the center, used a straight edge as a guide and started cutting. There was nothing difficult about it, at all. The only problem I had was the headaches it induced.

My straight edge was 4′ long, so that was quite handy. One knee on the straight edge, a few passes with the knife and viola!

*The most difficult part about the entire process: moving the 6’x4′ mats around. I had 2 options, either 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick. I wanted something that would last AND do a better job at protecting the floors, so 3/4″ it was. The difference was 75 lbs VS 100 lbs.

Now you might be saying to yourself, or maybe not, “75-100 lbs isn’t all that heavy,” well, you’d be both right and wrong. 75-100 lbs isn’t all that heavy, until the mat is flopping all over the place. I should have taken a video of this, you may have laughed. Don’t judge until you try moving one of these monsters on your own. *


Anyway, once I had almost cut through the mat, I placed a 2×4 (I only had a off-cuts available) under the mat. This helped bevel the edge so I could finish the cut easier, as well keep the knife from hitting the concrete.

After the first mat was cut, I took a break. I took some ibuprofen as well, it didn’t help, but I tried anyway.

Cutting the second mat took just as long, at least it was easy. The end result  is my 8’x2′ 3/4″ rubber mats, ready for the platform. Now I need to pick up 2 sheets of 3/4″ plywood (maybe OSB) and 1 sheet of 3/4″ sanded oak plywood. This will prove tricky, as I don’t have a truck…plywood on top of a car is safe, right? Haha.


Arianna was so keen on helping me. Well, she was keen on the chalk. Taking the chalk that is, far, far away from me.


Now I’m left with a 4’x4′ rubber mat. I think I’ll eventually cut it down into 2 strips of 4’x’2′. I’ll use these 2 strips outside on my driveway for those beautiful summer days when I want to take full advantage of the sun, as well as throw my weights around without worrying about destroying my house. The 4′ will actually be more room than I have on my platform, as the power rack will take a large majority of the real estate.

In case you missed my last post, here’s what I plan on putting on my oak plywood:


Super cool right? Or is it just me…it’s just me. That’s okay, at least my girls still look up to me, haha.

-Mr Average


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