Squat Chains


I’m starting to get really excited! The purchases keep coming.

Yesterday I bought squat chains. What are squat chains? They are chains that attached to the barbell, that’s it! What do they do? They add a form of resistance that’s fun to use!

When you’ve  reached the full depth of the squat, you’re at the weakest point of the movement. Therefore, the strongest point of the movement is simply standing upright.

Chains, or resistance bands, are a means to train through any sticking points and to add strength. So the mechanics are very simple: the deeper the squat, the greater amount of chain that rests of the ground and more weight taken off. When you begin ascending, more chain lifts off the ground and more weight is applied to the bar. Simple, right?

I’ve been wanting to purchase these for quite some time, but they’re quite difficult to locate. They’re usually found in the States, but the shipping has always turned me off! So when I found them in a local store, I jumped at the chance! I also happened to get the last set in the store (store model), so I got a great deal.

Here are my chains:


Each chain is 15 kg (33 lbs). The picture doesn’t really do it justice, each link is enormous! We’re talking almost the size of my hand enormous!

I’ll use these for anything barbell: squat, bench press, deadlift, any form of pressing, etc. It will still be a while before I actually get to use them, but I’ll be sure to post videos along the way when I do.

As for the next purchase, I’ll be starting on the platform. I already have the mats, so I’ll need something to protect my wood floors, a sub-layer and then a clean sheet of plywood (either oak or mahogany). I like oak better, as I don’t think the dark colour of mahogany fits a weight lifting platform, but that’s personal preference. I also plan on applying a natural stain and a few coats of polyurethane.

I’m debating whether or not I want to add band deadlift platform pegs, as my power rack will have the pegs already. I might end up making this decision after I’ve purchased everything and used it a little while.

I’m also thinking about adding a design to the platform, for no other reason than I can. Here’s my idea so far:


To much? Haha. That’s okay, it’s only meant to inspire me. I want to hit that platform and lift. That usually means getting in the ‘zone.’

What are your thoughts so far? Any comments or suggestions are welcome! 🙂


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