Home Gym and an Auction!


The first step toward owning a home gym. Auction.

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me before, but an auction is a great idea to pick up some equipment at severely discounted prices!

I also happened to get very lucky. A google search for local auctions showed one within a 10 minute drive of my house. What’s even better, the auction just so happened to be for a commercial gym that was going out of business. What are the chances??? The only downside was that it was a commercial gym. What do I mean by that? I’m looking for your standard power lifting equipment, not your one muscle group machine (that takes up way too much more).

There were a few items I was interested in: rubber mats, concept 2 rower, medicine balls, rubber hex DBs and weight plates. The only item I ended up getting was the weight plates – apparently auctions are really fast paced! I’m bummed about the rower and mats, but the bidding got out of control. Also, I’m still super stoked with my score. I ended up with.

-6 rubber coated olympic Ivanko 45’s ($158-$172 a piece brand new) =$960.

-2 rubber coated olympic Ivanko 35’s ($125-$133 a piece brand new) =$250

-2 metal olympic Ivanko 45’s ($100.50 a piece brand new) =$200.

-4 metal olympic Ivanko 1 1/4’s ($8 a piece brand new) =$32

-2 Proteus 45’s = Approx $200

-2 Proteus 25’s = Approx $120

-2 Olymco 45’s = Approx $200

-2 Standard 25’s = Approx $120

-2 Standard 35’s = Approx $160

-1 heavy duty pull up bar (let’s call this a freebie)

An estimate for the 785 lbs I bought would total $2,242. Buying weights brand new is approximately $3 / lb, which totals $2,355.

I won the bid at $250 + 15% buyers premium + tax = $322. While the Ivanko rubber 45’s aren’t in amazing shape, they should still last my lifetime (as I won’t be doing any oly lifts with them anyway). The rest of the weights are still in fantastic shape! I scored 785 lbs for a fraction of the cost! I couldn’t be happier!

*I plan on buying a set of bumpers when I can afford them, since I do want to do some oly lifts*

On another note, I’ve sold quite a bit of my wood working tools now ($2,085). My entire set-up will cost approximately  $2,200, which means my gym will cost me additional $100 – WHOOP WHOOP! I’m sure the remainder of my tools will eventually get me there, but it’s starting to slow down.

The rig and set-up I’ll be buying is from Bells of Steel, a Canadian company. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, as do most. However, I’m still not at a point where I can exercise, because of my headaches. So while I could afford to purchase my gym right now, I’ll hold off until I can take advantage of the 30 day guarantee.

*Side note* I saw barbell collars with chain attachments today…drooling…Now I’m thinking about adding those to my gym as well, another $100, meh, just money right?

Have you ever gone to an auction, or done any bidding? It was wildly exciting, haha, seriously! I’ve now spent a little too much time scouring local auctions! A new hobby maybe? Jk.






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