Out with the old, in with the New!

I last wrote about selling my precious wood (*tears up*). This one is a little more exciting! 🙂

I moved approximately 3 years ago. My last house I used my garage as a wood shop, which allowed me to indulge in all manner of tools and projects. My new house doesn’t have a garage, lame right? I ended up buying a shed and simply packed my tools away.

Every summer I would enter my shed and cry a little, as my tools slowly began to rust. With the realization that I’m not moving anytime soon and my tools would simply continue to degrade in quality, I made the decision to sell them. Hello Craigslist!

I had virtually every tool a woodworker could dream off – and none of it was garbage. (Side note, my favourite was my Triton 15A 3 1/4 HP dual plunge router. This piece was a beast, a marvelous tool).

It took me a while to pull everything out, especially with having to stop frequently due to the headaches it caused. I had to sit down and catalog everything and then list it. It didn’t take long before emails flooded my inbox with inquires.

With every item sold, a little piece of my heart went with it, like a lost friend. However, something strange was also happening. It felt freeing to rid myself of items that were simply sitting, not being used and starting to rust. Knowing that every tool was going to a better home gave me some peace.

I know I know, sappy. However, if you haven’t owned an entire shop of tools, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about. Or maybe you do? Maybe you’re an artist who longer has a studio and had to get rid of all your supplies. Maybe you’re a collector of specialty items (cars, cards, stamps, etc).

The byproduct of all this, will be purchasing the home gym of my dreams! Maybe you’re interested, maybe you’re not.

I’ve been getting sick of the commercial gym scene. I have a membership with Steve Nash gyms, but it’s all about fancy accessory machines. There are 2 squat racks and no power racks. That’s two barbells in an entire gym (not counting the bench press, which there are only 2 of those as well)! Garbage. On top of that, the membership is easily over $450/year.

I also don’t like being approached by others in the gym. I like to put my headphones on and go to work. I work hard. I don’t like the chit chat. I’m not there to hit anyone (I have a wife). I’m not there to make friends (I don’t care to).

I’m not saying I’m not kind or nice, I love helping out when I can. I’m also more than willing to work with others, but when I’m working out for me, I like it to be undisturbed. Furthermore, I’m leaving my wife and kids behind (often for 1-2 hours) and I really want to get back home to them. With that said, my gym time is like therapy (for me). I love exercise.

So naturally a home gym would be a perfect fit for me. Here is a list of the items I’ll be purchasing:

Commercial power rack (a heavy duty made to last rack), Olympic barbell (I already own a power lifting barbell), flat/incline bench, lock collars, 160 lbs bumper set (I already own 250 lbs), bumper plate and bar holder, trap/hex bar, swiss bar, speed rope, mini bands, resistance bands and I’ll be building a full squat/dead lifting platform. These items, along with the several I already own, will go a long way to helping my reach my ultimate goal: enter a power lifting competition. Here’s the rack I plan on purchasing, although my plans could change:


Anyone can enter a power lifting competition. You don’t need to be good or strong, it’s really just about fun. The home gym would simply allow me to work at a better pace. What I mean by that is utilizing super sets, drop sets, HIIT sets, overload training, band training, etc. There will never be someone standing over me, like a vulture, waiting and asking about when I’m finished. I’ll be able to train at my own pace, in complete safety.

My oldest kiddo is 5 years old. She is always begging to come with me when I go to the gym. It will also be nice to introduce her to what I do in a safe environment.

Some of the items I’ll be purchasing are on back order. So for now, I might as well wait on the remainder of my Craigslist items to sell. Once that happens, it’s go time, almost! First thing first, get over this concussion!!

Once I start building my gym, I’ll document it as well!

I’m no expert, but if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!

– Mr Average


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