More Doctors… *frowns*

Trying to keep positive is quite the task, it’s draining, both mentally and physically. I finally understand why some people lose hope (I should clarify here that I’m not losing hope, I simply understand…I think).


It’s been almost 7 weeks since my concussion now. So I went back to my GP today, because I had an appointment, I didn’t want to go. We filled several forms (alright she did all the work), which was exhausting (quite literally, I think there were almost 20 forms filled out today)!

16 pages were for an application, which involved way too much thinking. Also, I drove to the doctors, which I haven’t done much of since my fall. Driving itself isn’t hard, it’s what it does to me. The initial week after I fell, driving was difficult. I missed several turns and actually forgot where I was going, but that’s different now. *Side note: I only drove to the doctor’s and for prescriptions during this time* Cognitively I’m there, mostly. I think it’s the fact that I have to spend so much effort on concentrating while driving, that my brain just can’t handle it. As I understand it, your brain is basically perma-swollen after a concussion, and it pushes against the inside of your head, which has no real give to it, which causes the pain. So, over-thinking is out.

Another form was filled out for a referral for physiotherapy and massage therapy – I’ll touch on this in a bit. Then there was a third form stating I was unfit for work. So that totals 19 forms.

So my GP wanted an update on where I was at, well, here it is: as I said already, it’s been almost 7 weeks. My headaches hurt almost as much today as they did the day it happened. Light is significantly better, but prolonged exposure still aggravates me. Sound is also better, but again, loud sounds (particularly anything high pitched) really triggers a headache.

The rest of my body works fine, no numbing, dizziness or nausea. My memory is intact (except for a movie that I watched the other night, I don’t remember watching it previously, even though we own it). I have no trouble walking or doing basic tasks around the house, like preparing meals or taking care of myself.

Since nothing has really improved, my GP wants me to explore the physio and massage aspect. I can see the massage potentially helping, as I think I suffered whiplash during my fall and my neck is really stiff. I’m not sure how the physio will help, but I’m willing to try anything at this point.

I’ve previously had a CT scan, which was negative (a good thing). I haven’t had an MRI yet, not sure if that’s a bad thing? So now I’ve been referred to a neurologist as my GP believes my headaches should have slowed down by now. Unfortunately, I could be waiting several weeks just for the phone call to book an appointment *fingers crossed*.

So until then, I’m still a vegetable at home, only slightly less positive. I know one day it will end, but my brain hurts and that’s all I can think about right now.


– Mr Average


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