What a headache…!!!

Monday, February 13, 2017, started out like every day since my concussion. Sleep in, wake up and weigh myself (don’t ask me why, I honestly don’t know why – 179.4 lbs if you were curious). Brush my teeth, shower, then head on downstairs to make breakfast. Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you about my meal plans. Well…
I finished all the reading and quizzes in my sports nutrition textbook (still have some learning activities and the final exam to do), so I decided to make up some meal plans. Based on 8 hours of sleep (that’s the goal anyway) and the remainder of the day sitting around (literally), I need 2,340 calories a day. Also, based on my goals (I would like to enter a power lifting comp), I went with 30% protein / 15% fat / 55% carbohydrates.
For anyone who cares – if you’re into endurance/aerobic style training, your body needs long term energy, fat. For anything anaerobic, you’re looking for my short term energy and the means to repair it, so less fat and more protein. A heavy endurance athlete is looking for something around 25-30% fat intake, good fats.
***Also, I know I’m not currently doing any exercise, so there’s no real need for that extreme a diet, but believe you me (I can say that right?), there are more extreme!!***
So I started with 3 different plans (the goal is to make another 3-4 more for some decent variety).
We’ll call this Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

Pretty darn close to hitting my macros hey? I just noticed now, in choice #3, I have butter for breakfast with no toast, obviously that didn’t happen. I got rid of that and added 1/8 cup extra of raisins, which brought my fat content almost bang on to the 15% (15.54) and almost hit my goal of 55% (52.09) for carbs too, however, it increased my protein to 32.37%, which isn’t all that bad. It means that I have 3 different meal plans that I met my macros almost bang on, can you tell I’m proud of myself? Haha.
Once I start exercising again, my calorie count will be around 3,000 to start. I’ll adjust it based on what the scale says day to day. I was 190 lbs before this concussion. So I’ve lost approximately 11 lbs, but not all fat. In fact, I might have lost mostly muscle, it’s tough to say. I certainly feel weaker, heck, I can hardly walk to far without a headache, so I’m probably fast tracked to turning into mush.
Anyway, I’ll be planning 3-4. More plans helps with variety, which helps you stay on track (I think).
So, as I was saying before I forgot, I thought I was feeling better this morning. My headache, while it was still there, only felt minor. So I decided to head to the store to pick up some gatorade, to fit into my plan. Well, suffice to say, it’s 2250 hrs right now and my head is beyond pounding. My body is sweating and my ears are so hot they’re actually red. Apparently I was nowhere near ready for a simple trip outside my house.
Why do some people recover so much quicker than others?! It’s not like I’m doing anything to stop the recovery. I’m sitting at home, all day. I walk to the mailbox daily, maybe 100m from my house, and I wear sunglasses for that.
I scared myself the other day. I googled concussions and saw all sorts of things that could happen. My doctor assured me though, that those terrible things would have happened in the beginning, if they were to happen at all. Still, it appears that concussions affect everyone differently, and there is no real protocol for recovery. So I’m basically stuck just suffering, wishing I could do all the things I dream about.
I wonder, will I forget how to do my job? Nah, my job is way too much fun to forget. I certainly miss going to work though. It also helps that I have a great team of people to work with.
Looks like I’m back to being stuck in my cave…which isn’t a cave at all, more like a prison. But it’s also not a prison, I have a beautiful wife and two of the cutest kids you’ll ever see with me, all day every day.
Humpf…I’m stuck, and it sucks, a lot.
– Mr Average

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