Sports Nutrition, what is it?!

As I’m relatively new to blogging, many of you won’t know my passion for fitness and health, so here’s a little background:
I’ve played sports all my life, you could say I was good at every sport I ever tried, but never good enough to be the best! This just meant I got to try everything (always looking for the positive)! Here are some of my favourites:
I played competitive soccer for nearly 11 years, and loved every minute of it!
Karate took me many places, including an international sparring tournaments in Las Vegas, that was fun!
I later took up rock climbing, which was by far my favourite of them all! I would almost describe climbing as an art form, the way you move up the wall or rock. Every move is carefully planned and thought through, with maximum efficiency in mind. Chalking and clipping at precise moments, breaks when most needed, and the most exciting explosive dynos when called for! Oh the memories. Unfortunately I tore both rotator cuffs during an iron cross, which effectively shut that down for a while. Then life got busy and I never picked it up again.
Part of the required training for my current job included 6 months of monitored fitness workouts. Nutrition was talked about, but never forced upon us. When I graduated the program I moved to my post. Life took over again, and for a short while fitness took a back seat.
One day I looked at myself in the mirror and saw not only an out of shape husband and father of two, but someone who wanted to come home alive at the end of every shift. That was my turning point. That was almost 3 years ago. Fitness was now a priority.
I started going to the gym again, but this time I found myself enjoying it, a lot! It became my therapy, my happy time. It was my “nothing box!” A nothing box is amazing.
I quickly became relatively proficient at squats and deadlifts, which felt amazing. The ‘gains’ bug had struck. I had no goals to become huge, nor do I to this day, I simply want strength, lots of it!
I really had no idea what I was doing for eating, so I purchased a meal plan from one of those Instagram people. I was satisfied with what I received – a full workout plan, detailed meal plan, grocery list, stretching and abdominal routines (which I never did), plus a few pages of explanations about it all. It was a three month program and the result was a much more aestetically pleasing physique.
That was nearly 2 years ago. Since then I’ve switched my goals to power lifting, the big three (squat, deadlift, bench press). My diet for this was calories galore, and it worked! The problem was, I was eating based on the meal plan I bought 2 years ago. I thought I understood some of the basics, but I really didn’t. So, lots of googling (several hours) and hundreds of reviews later, I finally settled on something: I’d be taking a sports nutrition course.
What’s the difference between nutrition and sports nutrition? Pretty easy to guess, right? I wanted an understanding of eating properly for the amount of energy I would be expending, and the reasons behind it. Furthermore, I wanted some basis of knowledge on why I was purchasing the supplements in my cupboard (they weren’t cheap)!
I enrolled in the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) program, particularly the Sports Nutrition Program. Since it’s an American association, I will be doing the certification online, which suits me fine. It is internationally recognized and USA accredited, which is okay for me, as I have no plans of switching careers, and I’m taking this for personal knowledge.
I’m very excited, I can hardly wait to learn why and how to properly fuel my body for optimal nutrition!
*It also helps that I’m off work at the moment, giving me lots of time to go through this course, which I need. Since my concussion, my thinking has been much slower. I keep thinking I’m getting better, until I try moving…One day soon!*
 – Mr Average

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