Shouldn’t a concussion be a life altering event? Shouldn’t you be down for the count, unable to get up? Or is it simply the beginning of something amazing?
January 3, 2017 begun like any other normal day, except it wasn’t. I woke up early, giving myself the usual 30 minutes to get dressed, eat and prepare my lunch for the day: it was 4:30am. It was almost blacker than black outside, as the sun had not yet risen and the roads were full of snow and ice. I scraped my car for what felt like an eternity, as the defrost clearly wasn’t doing its job.
I finally finished, convincing myself that the front windshield was clear enough – it was nowhere near clear, you can picture it can’t you? Me driving down the road, slouched forward, desperately trying to peer through the only part of the windshield that had defrosted. Meanwhile, it actually felt colder inside my car, how is that even possible?
Anyway, due to the roads and all the terrible drivers out there (because we all know I’m an amazing driver, as evidenced by me leaving before I should have), my drive to work took approximately 5 minutes longer than normal (I’m actually just guessing, I have no idea how long it took).
I found the closest parking spot possible, as I was dreading getting out my car – my hands had just finished shaking I was so cold! I got out and took one last look at my fully defrosted car, knowing full well I’d have to scrap the darn thing clean again when I got off work. Bye car.
I changed into my uniform and began my duties like normal. Nothing out of the ordinary, at least I don’t remember it to be. I simply went on with my day. Near the end of my shift I was assisting a gentleman back to his car, praying that he didn’t fall while I was helping him, I mean, who wants that kind of liability? Two of my co-workers helped the male the rest of the way while I followed behind.
The next thing I remember was losing all control and falling like a rocket to the ground. Maybe it was the uniform? It must have been, there’s no way I’m that clumsy.
It hit me like a sack of rocks (also guessing here, I’ve never been hit with a sack of rocks). I couldn’t breathe. I desperately tried rolling over so that I could get to my feet. You know, don’t want to be that idiot who bailed on the ice. My first thought was, “I’m okay,” but I couldn’t breathe, I wasn’t okay! I also couldn’t talk. Ever had that sensation? Actually, I’ve been roasted a few times by friends before and felt dumb founded, wait, what?
My co-workers asked if I was fine and I just shrugged it off. I went back to my car and waited a bit, still in shock. The next 2 hours I actually don’t remember. All I knew was that my shift was done and my head was pounding.
Suffice to say, I suffered a concussion at work. The doctor wouldn’t let me return to work and there was no way I was in any shape to be there. A week went by. Two weeks went by. Three weeks went by. Light hurt, the headaches hurt as much as they did the first day and hearing sound was almost worse. Looks like I’d be off work for at least another month.
Have you ever had a concussion? My doctor told me, “Keep all screen time to an absolute minimum. Try to limit the sound you’re exposed to and sleep as much as possible.” Welp, that’s basically existing like a vegetable.
I’ll admit that I did basically sleep my life away for the first little while. Also, sound (particularly the higher pitches) was excruciating, and codeine was making all of no difference. So I sat there. Alone:
Hello darkness, my old friend,
I’ve come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence
Yeah. That’s kind of how I felt. And then all of a sudden: Start a blog! Wait, what? My wife is the writer. I’ve never wanted or entertained the idea of writing, ever! Yet here I am. I also started a website, a full website. My life has revolved around leading a healthy lifestyle for so long, that it only felt natural to want to contribute back.
So now I’ll blog about my randomness and write articles about my experiences. Hopefully somewhere along the way you find some joy and learn a thing or two.
Also, my story about how my concussion happened, I think it’s correct? My memory is a little blurry.
So how do you sign off with a blog? Farewell friends! Oh boy, I need to work on that.
 – Mr Average.

7 thoughts on “THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH: A CONCUSSION Or is it?!

  1. How exciting! A new adventure! That is a bit how my blog started. Not with a concussion…. but I just woke up one day and had the urge to write. It stuck around for a few days. I wrote out some ideas for a book, some long journal posts, then I got on wordpress and just started writing! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I switched from book writing to blogging! One day perhaps I will tackle a book. For not I am a blog writing, audio book listening, therapist who is just trying to put out some helpful information and express myself through blogging. I also do not know anything about writing, besides the basic writing courses I took in college. I just love books!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Therapist, good for you! That must be tough, always listening to others problems! I suppose I’m somewhat of a therapist myself, and a babysitter, a mother, a father, a counselor, a teacher – mostly a babysitter though! Counsel many police officers? Haha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I have not! I work with mostly children and families. I work in a very supportive environment. Are you a police officer? My father in law is a police officer!


      4. I am. RCMP – Canada. Very different environment than the US, but still many similar issues! I’m thinking one day I should chat with a therapist, as it is a…unique job! Which I’m sure you’ve heard all about from the father in law

        Liked by 1 person

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