MY HEART IS FULL! Becoming best friends

Becoming best friends
I can’t remember the last time we’ve enjoyed this much snow. I say enjoy for two reasons: 1) I’m originally from Winnipeg, BC, I love snow and we don’t often have it. 2) I don’t have to work. I’d say those are some pretty good reasons. On the other hand, I’m totally bummed as any energy output causes too much pain, so I don’t get to play in it (but let’s focus on the good).
My oldest daughter (Thorin) begged, from the time we woke up, to play outside. We finally let her. So far we’re received 34 cm of snow, with a warning of another 10-20 cm. According to the weather network, it’s currently -3 C with 9 mph wind and snowing.
She is always hot, constantly running around the house in nothing but underwear. I suppose most children run around in underwear, but she does it to cool down. To get her ready to play outside, she wore socks, pants and a single t-shirt. Her outer layer consisted of rain boots, snow pants, a snow jacket and gloves – and she complained the whole time.
I yelled, as best as I could, from the top of the stairs that her sister was getting ready as well. She yelled back that she was almost ready to leave. I suppose I was trying to say that she should wait for her sister but that most certainly got lost in translation. She ran outside and dove into the snow. She’s fearless. I love it!
Meanwhile, my youngest daughter (Arianna) was preparing for the apocalypse – tights (with the feet), additional socks, another pair of pants, a t-shirt, long sleeve fleece sweater and another sweater (with hood). Her outer layer consisted of snow boots, snow pants, two pairs of gloves, snow jacket, scarf, toque and having both sweater and jacket hoods up. Try to picture the little boy from the Robert Munsch book, “I have to go.” Any kid dressed like that would be begging to get outside as they would most certainly be sweating already. Instead, we took photographs first, which she demanded to see prior to playing. She’s so cute. I love it!
They spent what felt like hours outside. While my oldest could play all day long in the snow, my youngest usually lasts 10-15 minutes, tops. I finally found the key – dress her up so much that she can barely move!
My wife and I watched gleefully from inside. Is there anything that brings a parent more joy than seeing their children happy? We watched as Thorin lay down and Arianna jumped, repeatedly, on her stomach. Both burst into gut busting laughter.
While they’ve played for hours on end before, and enjoyed every minute of it, today was the day I saw two sisters become best friends. My heart is full.
 – Mr Average

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